Our Patients:
What They Say About Us

We are always interested in knowing what our patients think about our services, and welcome any comments or suggestions they have about the quality of our care and the courtesy of our staff.

“I was a patient of Dr. Macke’s for four years before she moved into her own practice. Now I drive 10 miles to continue my dental care with her. I’m very fond of Dr. Macke. I’ve moved all over the country and changed dentists a lot. Dr. Macke is the only dentist I’ve had who is so thorough and considerate during a visit and follow-up. She explains what she’s doing as she works. And she remembers things said in previous conversations. She always asks about my family – even the dog! Recently, she referred me to another doctor for a root canal and then called the evening after I had it to check on me to make sure I wasn’t in pain. She also gave me her cellphone number. The doctor who did the root canal didn’t do that. My husband and father go to her, as well.”

— Chloe C.

“Twenty years ago, a friend referred me to Dr. Rose. I was looking for a new dentist after having bad experiences with others who were trying to convince me to have treatments and services I didn’t need. I always found Dr. Rose to be good, skilled, and honest and with an educator’s approach and manner. Dr. Macke is so pleasant and a good fit with the staff. What I particularly like is that they don’t try to up-sell you on non-essential work. They always give me a full and honest explanation of treatment options. It is clear that they are there to look after you. I feel like I am visiting with old friends, and incidentally having some dental work done. When I’m there, everybody, including both doctors, drops by to see me and chat a moment. The staff gets along great in the office. It’s that pleasant of a place!”

— Carol B.

“My wife and I have been going to Dr. Rose for more than 10 years. I’m not sure there is a better dentist or one as knowledgeable that you can get with his years of experience. More recently I have had procedures done by Dr. Macke. She, too, really cares and is very accessible. We’ve had a great experience with the whole staff. They all take time to focus on patient care. You never get that feeling of being rushed in and out.”  

— Tony M.

“My wife’s Bible study group referred us to Dr. Rose back in 1991 when we moved to the Atlanta area. We really liked him and went back until being transferred to Denver. The dentist there seemed to just push you through to get to the next patient. When we had to opportunity to return to Atlanta, we chose Roswell so we could reconnect with the friends we had here and our dentist, Dr. Rose, too. Dr. Rose and now Dr. Macke aren’t like the dentist we had in Denver. They get to know you individually, you’re not just a number, and they always ask about your life and your kids.”

— Roger H.

“Dr. Rose is very gentle and concerned about pain prevention, unlike some other dentists who are rough.”

“Dr. Macke is thorough, caring, and considerate – the healthcare provider I trust the most.”

“They genuinely care about the patient experience, providing extra levels of care like follow-up calls after major procedures. This goes beyond typical doctor-patient relationships.”

“Dr. Rose is warm, personable, genuine, and as knowledgeable as you can get.”

“Dr. Macke is a very pleasant, lovely lady who fit right into this longtime family practice.”

“Dr. Macke and Dr. Rose are honest, straightforward, and not too pricey. They don’t try to sell you on nonessential work. They are there to look after you.”

“Going to the dentist at Macke Dental Care is a great experience, including the doctors, office manager, and hygienists.”

“Dr. Rose is well regarded in the Roswell community, both professionally and personally.”

“Dr. Macke seems to be following Dr. Rose’s excellent tradition of listening carefully to patients, as well as his practice of putting patient care above all else.”

“The office seems like ‘one big happy family.’”

“The office is very clean, fresh, and very homey — makes a good first impression.”

“The office procedure is smooth: sign in and get in the chair in five minutes or so.”

“Everybody in the office is pleasant and talkative. They are genuinely interested in your family and your life.”