personalized dentistry

When Wendy Medders Macke D.M.D. bought Dr. Carter Rose’s dental practice in October 2008, she inherited a reputation for exceptional and personalized dental care that Dr. Rose had built over 37 years. He opened his office in Roswell, Georgia, in 1971 when there were only three other dentists in town. Working with an office manager and two dental hygienists, Dr. Rose grew a large and loyal patient base almost entirely by referrals — patients bringing in family members and telling friends about him. Today, Dr. Rose still treats many of his first patients. A few of them are in their 90s, and others who have moved away continue coming back to him from as far away as Texas.

Drawing on her own 10 years’ experience and sterling reputation as an exceptionally skilled practitioner. Dr. Macke is building on Dr. Rose’s legacy. While she now owns the practice, Dr. Rose continues to care for his patients as he now wishes -- at a slower pace. Both dentists are pure professionals and hold active memberships in various dental organizations. They also are committed to continuing their education on a regular basis in order to be current and proficient in all of the newest procedures, techniques, and technology. And they are dedicated to preserving the congenial, comfortable family feeling that their patients have experienced and enjoyed for so long.